Premium-Quality Paints for Residential, Trade, and Commercial Use

Demidekk Outdoor Paints

Exterior Woodcare

Eco-friendly Scandinavian exterior wood paints offer long-lasting protection and colour stability for upto 12 years. Suitable for a variety of outdoor wood building, structures, decking and furniture. Available in a wide colour range.

Little Greene Paints

Little Greene

Child Safe paints with inspiring colour combinations for exterior and interior walls & ceilings. Which Best Buy, Intelligent washable paints for restaurants, retail, leisure, hotels, residential & commercial buildings. In collaboration with the National Trust.

Graphenstone Paint

Graphenstone Natural Lime Paint

EPD Verified, breathable, fire-rated lime paints that Absorb CO2 and other air pollutants, reinforced with Graphene for durability. Recommended for use on exterior & interior lime-rendered walls found in period homes, cottages, and heritage buildings. No microplastics, only trace VOCs to help achieve your sustainability targets.


Marine Paints

High-performance primers, finishes, and antifoulings for steel, aluminium, GRP, and wood vessels. Protects marine boats above and below the waterline in harsh environments. Features fast air-drying acrylics, surface-tolerant epoxies and polyurethane finishes in a wide colour range.

Jotun Paints

Fire Protection Paints

Eco-friendly, water-based intumescent paints for fireproofing structural steel, certified for up to 3 hours of fire resistance. High-performance coatings for steel columns, beams, and sections. Includes free estimating service and compatible Jotun fire-approved primers and topcoats.

Avace Rd Elastometal

Metal & Concrete Roof Maintenance Paints

Anticorrosion & Waterproof coating for the repair of Galvanised steel, aluminium, steel roofs, and concrete decks. Sustainable, eco-friendly, water-based elastomers, guaranteed protection in the most aggressive C5-M environments. Dry fall coatings, no primers, or abrasive blast cleaning required. Up to 600% elasticity.

Durable Interior & Exterior Protection

Over 2500 Colours Available

FREE UK Mainland Delivery

5 Star Customer Service

High Performance Paint For

Air Quality & Carbon Reduction

  • Meets the Highest Environmental Standards. Cradle to Cradle Gold. WELL, BREEAM & LEED.
  • Ambient Pro+ 90% Carbon Reduction. Absorbs CO2 & Airborne Pollutants. EPD Verified.
  • GCS Exterior Breathable Lime Silicate Paint for Period & Heritage Building.
  • Grafclean Exterior & Exterior Lime Paint. Indoor Air Comfort Gold. Washable and Child Safe
  • Ecosphere 90% Carbon Reduction. Absorbs CO2. Indoor Air Quality Paint.
  • Nevada Ultra Natural Trade Contract Matt Emulsion.
  • Natural Breathable Eco Paints Ideal for Lime Rendered and Modern Walls.
Graphenstone Paint Cans

High Performance Paint For

Home Improvements

  • Demidekk Ultimate 12 Year Protection on Exterior Wood Cabins & Lodges.
  • Little Greene Paints for Exterior and Interior Walls.
  • Demidekk Infinity Self Cleaning Window & Door Paint.
  • Little Greene Masonry Paints. 15 Year Colour & Protection.
  • Demidekk Terrasslasyr the ultimate wood stain for decking and furniture.
  • Bradite One Can Multi Surface Primer Finish. The Alternative to Zinsser.
  • Selemix Direct for restyling UPVC Window & Doors.
  • Nevada Ultra an Economic Natural Trade Contract Matt Emulsion. Very High Coverage.
Demidekk Interior And Exterior Paints

High Performance Paint For

Marine Environments

  • Jotamastic surface tolerant epoxy primers for above and below the waterline.
  • Penguard HB Multipurpose epoxy primer for Steel, GRP and Aluminium hulls.
  • Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 wood primer and Antifouling Tiecoat.
  • Economic Hull Blacking for Narrowboats.
  • Seaforce Self Polishing Antifoulings.
  • Hardtop two pack polyurethane finishes in a range of colours and gloss levels
  • Easy to Apply fast Air Drying Alkyds and Acrylics
  • Suregrip antislip deck coatings

Little Greeen Logo White

Little Greene In Collaboration with the National Trust

High Design, Washable, Child Safe Eco Paints with Inspiring Colour Combinations.

Absolute Matt | Intelligent Matt | Intelligent Satinwood | Intelligent Eggshell | Intelligent ASP | Toms Oil

Free Home Delivery. Visit our Showroom at DY5 1UT for guidance on the Best Interior Designs, Paints & Wallpaper.


Natural Sustainable Paints

  • Natural Sustainable Paints with Graphene for Ultra Durable Performance. Ultra Low VOCs.  EPD Verified. Free Delivery.
  • Compliant with the Highest Environmental Standards: Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified, WELL, BREEAM, and LEED Accredited.
  • Lime based. Breathable Exterior & Interior Wall Paint. Fire Rated. Very high coverage rates. Easy clean & child safe.

Lime Silicate Heritage Paints for Lime Rendered Walls, Masonry  & Exterior Brickwork.Breathable Class 1 Primers and Finishes.

Carbon Reduction of 90% Compared to Trade Paints. Absorbs C02. No Microplastics.

Carbon Capture | Indoor Air Quality | Lime Silicate Heritage Paint | Sustainable


Beautiful Lasting Colours for the Protection of Exterior Wood from Extreme Weather.

  • 12 Year Life Expectation. Fast Drying & Easy to Apply. Anti Mould. Low VOCs. Free Home Delivery.
  • Ideal for Garden Rooms, Lodges, Cabins, Summer Houses, Decking, Fencing, Windows & Doors.
  • Extensive Colour Choice including RAL, NCS, British Std, F&B and Jotun Design Colours.

Brands We Manufacture

Jotun Yellow Logo

Marine and Protective Coatings for Steel, Aluminium, Wood and GRP Vessels

Paints for all surfaces above and below the waterline. Extensive Colour Choice. Free Next Day Delivery.



Easy to Apply for the long term protection and decoration of floors in Warehouses, Workshops, Hospitals. And Food & Beverage Production Plants. Extensive colour choice. Free delivery.

  • Bradite Floor-IT touch dry in 30 mins. Overcoat in 1 hr for speed of completion. Hygienic, low odour. Durable 35% matt finish.
  • Bradite HD Ultra Durable Two Pack Epoxy for floors exposed to heavy traffic. Hygienic Low Odour. Ultra Durable 75% Gloss Finish.
  • Jotamastic 90WG Ultra Durable Two Pack Epoxy for floors exposed to heavy traffic. Industrial economic high build floor paint. Semigloss finish.


Waterproofing & AntiCorrosion Solutions on Metal Roofs, Redland Tile & Bitumen Concrete Decks

15 Years Protection in C5-M Environments. Direct to Metal & Concrete. No Primers Required. 200% Elasticity. Low VOCs.

Extensive Colour Choice including RAL and NCS Colours. Free Delivery to Site.

  • Elastometal Anti-Corrosion & Waterproofing Dry Fall Paint for metal roofs. Direct to Metal.
  • Elastodeck High Build Waterproofing Elastomer for Flat Roofs, Concrete Decks and Redland Tile.
  • Monoguard AntiCorrosion Semigloss Finish for Metal Cladding and Roofs.
  • Elastofex AntiCarbonation & Waterproofing Elastomer for Brickwork & Concrete Structures.

Suitable for Galvanised and Plastisol Sheets, Bitumen Flat Roofs, Concrete Decks and Redland Tiles


Steelmaster Fire Protection Paints for Structural Steel. Up to 3 Hours Fire Rating

Guaranteed Fire Protection certified by Exova Fire Research. CE Marked.

Cost Effective. High Coverage Rates. Free Project Estimation Service. Low VOCs.

Fire Approved Primers and Topcoats. Free Next Day Delivery to Site.

Steelmaster 600WF 90 Mins Fire Rating    |    Steelmaster 900WF 120 Mins Fire Rating    |    Steelmaster 1200WF 3 Hours Fire Rating

Multi-Surface Primer Finishes for Metal Cladding & Facades, UPVC Windows & Doors

Fast Air Drying and Two Pack Polyurethane Finishes. Extensive Choice of RAL, BS and NCS Colours. Free Delivery to site.

Excellent Exterior Durability. No Primers Required. No Blast Cleaning. Fast Drying for Speed of Completion.

  • Bradite One Can. A Multisurface fast air drying primer finish for Restyling Metal Cladding and UPVC.
  • Selemix Direct. A Multisurface two pack polyurethane primer finish for Restyling Metal Cladding and UPVC.
  • Monoguard. A Multisurface fast air drying primer finish for all Metal Cladding. Excellent Anticorrosion & exterior durability.

Multi-Surface Primer Finishes for Repainting Metal Cladding, Warehouses, Facades, Retail Outlets and Industrial Buildings.

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