Jotun Demidekk Ultimate The Best 12 Yr Exterior Wood Paint

The Ultimate Exterior Wood paint. Developed in Norway to protect Exterior Wood from Extreme Weather. 12 Yrs Colour and Protection for Lodges, Summer houses, Garden rooms, Fencing, Siding , Decking, and Garden Furniture. Extensive range of RAL, British Standard and NCS Colours in a Matt Finish.

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Jotun Demidekk Ultimate The Best 12 Yr Exterior Wood Paint

Jotun Demidekk Ultimate is a fast drying water based matt paint based on AMA (Alkyd Modified Acrylics) technology developed in Norway made in the UK. Long term protection of exterior wood with excellent colour stability and protection for up to 12 years. The combination of high quality binders and weather resistant pigments protects wood against sunlight and provides excellent weatherability. It  contains effect film conserving agents that counteract mould growth. Demidekk Ultimate has a rich consistency which is easy to apply, drying fast and obtains water resistance very quickly. It can be applied direct to wood and is recommeded on new primed, primed impregnated or previously stained or previously painted exterior  surfaces. Suitable for application by roller, brush or spray. Available for free home delivery in 3lt and 10lt resealable and recyclable tubs available in over 2500 Jotun Demidekk, NCS , RAL and British Standard colours. An Ecological Sustainable Paint recognized by Miljømerking Norge, the Norwegian Environmental labelling system and conforms with the demands of the environmental Swan label  .

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  • The Ultimate Exterior Wood Paint. Developed in Norway, Made in the UK. 12 Yrs Colour & Protection for Timber Buildings , Decking, Fencing, Garden Rooms & Furniture.
  • Fast drying Waterbased AMA Technology. Ecological Sustainable Paint. White Swan Environmental Certification. Anti Mould Resistant. Low VOCs.
  • Easy to Apply Matt Finish. Available in Jotun Demidekk Beautiful Colours, RAL, NCS & British Std Colours. 3 Lt and 10 Lt recyclable containers.Free UK Delivery.

Technical Credentials

AMA technology for Exterior Wood.

12 Yrs Colour & Protection.

Matt Finish 20-30%.

Coverage 10m2/lt per coat.

Volume Solids 38%.

Brush, Roller or Spray applied.

Overcoat 2-3hrs.

Environmental Credentials

Water based AMA technology.

Norwegian White Swan Environmental certified.

Low VOC s 75g/lt

Anti Mould Resistance.

Surface Preparation

Suitable for use on new primed, primed impregnated or previously stained or painted exterior woodwork. Remove all loosely adhering material back to a sound edge, the surface must be dry and free of surface contamination. The ambient temperature must be above 5c during application. Application may be by brush, roller or spray. Apply two to three coats applied evenly. Allow 2-3 hours between coats. For more information download the technical data sheet. For additional water resistance VISIR clear primer is recommended on bare wood. It is a water repellent product which penetrates the grain of the wood, only a tin coat is required, excess material should be brushed into the wood and allowed to dry before applying Demidekk Ultimate.

Jotun Demidekk Ultimate the Best Paint for Exterior Wood Care. Excellent Colour Retention & Durability. 12 Years All Weather  Protection on Log Cabins, Decking, Sheds, Fencing and Siding. Specified by leading architects and lodge manufacturers.

Jotun Demidekk is easy to apply by brush , roller or spray to produce a weather resistant , durable coating with excellent resistance to mould. It is an ideal home improvement paint for exterior wood on timber buildings. It has a rich consistency, fast drying  and obtains water resistance very quickly. It can be applied direct to wood or as a topcoat over existing painted surfaces. It contains effect film conserving agents that counteract mould growth on the wood to reduce wood rot and blackening.

It can be applied direct to new wood, impregnated wood, stained wood and previously coated wood buildings , fences, decking and furniture. For additional water resistance bare wood may be primed with VISIR water repellent treatments.

Demidekk Ultimate produces a subtle matt (20-30%) finish and is available in over 2500 NCS , RAL and British Standard colours in 3lt and 10lt recyclable containers. Free delivery throughout the UK (excludes Highlands and Islands).

It is recognised by the Norwegian Environmental labelling system The Swan as a compliant coating.




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