Elastodeck Concrete & Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Paint

Waterproofing Paint for Concrete Flat Roofs, Redland Tile, Decks and Balconies. Flexible Roof Coating with 200% Elasticity. Suitable for Repairing Bitumen Coated Roofs. Extensive choice of RAL Colours in a Matt Finish.

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Elastodeck Concrete & Bitumen Roof Waterproofing Paint

A waterproofing coating for concrete flat roofs, Redland roof tiles, balconies and decks in heavy Industrial and C5-M Marine environments. No abrasive blast cleaning or additional primers are required. A flexible coating with 200% Elasticity it protects concrete decks for 15 years. Available in RAL Classic and NCS colours in a matt 15% finish. A low Odour Ecological and Sustainable paint with virtually zero emissions. Available in small and large containers with free delivery throughout the UK. The ideal solution for renovating concrete flat roofs previously coated in bituminous roofing material. It can also be applied direct to concrete balconies,conrete decks and Redland 49 concrete roof tiles used extensively in the London area. Its high flexibility enables it to bridge hairline cracks (<1mm) in the concrete surface. For the best performance it is applied by airless spray with a coverage rate of 1.5-3kgs per square metre on flat roofs and 0.5-0.8kg on sloping roofs.

RAL Classic 1000
RAL Classic 2000
RAL Classic 3000
RAL Classic 4000
RAL Classic 5000
RAL Classic 6000
RAL Classic 7000
RAL Classic 8000
RAL Classic 9000

  • 15 Years Life Expectancy in C5-M Coastal environments. No primers required apply direct to Concrete flat roofs. Ideal to repair old bituminous coated concrete roofs. No abrasive blast cleaning required.
  • Waterbased Elastomer with 200% Elasticity, bridges hairline cracks. Ecological Sustainable paint. Ultra Low VOCs. Complies with the whole Green life cycle complying with Reduce, Recycle and Reuse philosophy for Concrete Roofs.
  • Exterior Durable. Extensive choice of RAL and NCS Colours in a Matt finish. Delivery free to sites throughout the UK. Available in large and small containers.

Environmental Credentials

Waterbased Elastomer.

Ultra Low VOCs 7g/lt.

Low Odour.

Repairs & Seals Bitumen coated roofs.

Non Flammable.

No Abrasive blast cleaning.

Technical Details

Exterior Durable.

200% Elasticity bridges hairline cracks.

Coverage rate 1.5kg/m2 on flat roofs.

High Volume Solids 55%.

15% Matt Finish.

Apply by Airless spray (2600psi) or Roller.

Surface Dry in 3hrs, overcoat after 4-6hrs. (20c).

Surface Preparation

The surface must be clean, degreased and free of surface contamination. High pressure water blasting is recommended to remove surface contaminants and loosely adhering paint.

Eco Powerclean, a powerful biodegradable alkaline concentrate composed of anti-flash rust additives for cleaning and preparing surfaces is recommended.When high pressure water blasting up to 5% Eco Powerclean can be added to clean water to improve degreasing and temporarily protect any metal surfaces on the roof .

Allow to dry before applying Elastodeck by airless spray, two coats at 350 microns is required, approximately 1.5kg/m2 for flat roofs and 0.75kg on sloping roofs.

If spraying is not practical, it can be applied by roller although you will need to apply more coats to achieve the minimum thickness required.

For flat roofs which are leaking it will be necessary to use a roof fleece to reinforce the higher film build required. Unroll the roof fleece on the flat roof surface and distribute it evenly. The connections between each mesh must have an overlap of at least 5 cm (2 inches). Then apply with a roller or brush a first coat of Elastodeck prior to two full coats.

Allow 4 to 6 hours between coats.

Download the technical datasheet for more information.

RD Coatings Elastodeck is a fast drying single pack environmentally compliant water based styrene acrylic waterproofing primer finish for flat roofs, balconies and shingles. It can be applied direct to concrete and previously coated bituminous roofs.

Elastodeck has high elasticity >200% over a broad temperature range to accommodate structural movement and bridge hairline cracks in concrete structures. It is exterior durable and can be applied by Airless spray, brush or roller on concrete, cement, old bitumen, wood,  weathered supple PVC and EPDM over one year old.

Elastodeck is a single pack primer finish a cost effective solution for the waterproofing of concrete flat roofs and balconies. On flat roofs where ponding occurs it should be reinforced with RD Roof Fleece to enable higher film builds for extra protection.

It can be applied direct to concrete or metal without the need for abrasive blast cleaning. Existing coatings should be cleaned by high pressure water jetting to remove loosely adhering materials. Ensure the surface to be painted is dry and free from oil, grease and other contaminants.It is a single product solution with no additional primers required. A fast drying high performance waterproofing paint enabling two coats to be applied within six hours.

Manufactured by AVACE it is available in an extensive range of NCS and RAL colours in a matt finish (15%) in 5kg and 25kg packs for free delivery throughout the UK.


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