Exterior Wood

Renovate your Decking

How to Renovate Your Decking or Patio

How to Renovate Your Decking or Patio   What type of wood is used for Decking? The most common types of decking boards are pressure treated softwoods which are derived from confiners such as firs, pines and larch. Around 80% of timber for buildings derives from softwoods as they are economic, lighter and used in…
Garden Decking

How to Protect and Colour your Decking

Prepare for Spring Winter is nearly over the days are getting longer, the morning sunrises brighter on a still frosty morning, the bulbs are emerging from the ground and the buds on the apple blossom. It’s time to enjoy your garden again and start thinking about your vision for your 2022 garden spaces. Prepare those…
Warm and neural colour combinations with Jotun demidekk paint

The Ultimate product for delivering a long-lasting finish on exterior wood: Jotun Demidekk

Why use ecological paints? Why do they need to be durable? Our climate is changing to more extreme weather conditions with increasing temperatures and rainfall, so as the extreme weather continues to escalate, the need for more durable paints also increases. Additionally, a longer lasting finish will save you time and money in the long run and not to mention precious Earth resources. Style and integrity can be maintained with so many colour combinations to choose from with Jotun Demidekk....
Outdoor Office

Creating the best outdoor garden room using demidekk ultimate wood paint

Using demidekk ultimate? Why create an outdoor garden room? Garden rooms and offices have the potential to add money to your property without the hassle of undertaking an extension. Demidekk paints protects the timber from the elements forming a hard layer over the surface and offers protection from mechanical impact and abrasion.
Painting Decking Unique Garden Space

How Painting Decking Can Help Create a Unique Garden Space in 2021

What are the most common types of decking boards? Decking boards can be made of natural timber, composite boards, PVC or aluminium. Composite boards are a mixture of recycled plastic and wood dust molded together. PVC decking contains no wood dust, it is 100% synthetic and much lighter than the composite counterpart. Composite boards and…
Row Of Colourful Exterior Wood Houses

5 Easy DIY Tips to Protect Exterior Wood at Home

What types of wood can be treated with exterior wood paint? Timbers are defined as hardwoods and softwoods. Softwoods derive from conifers such as firs, pines and larch. Hardwoods come from deciduous trees which are slower growing and usually denser in terms of their compactness. Around 80% of timber derives from softwoods which are lighter…