Hard Wearing Durable coatings for Faster Painted Floors. Easy to apply for the long term protection and decoration of floor spaces in warehouses, showrooms, factories, hospitals and public buildings.

Low Odour fast drying Floor Coatings which can be applied with the minimum disruption to operations.

Jotafloor Rapid Dry

  • Good Mechanical, Chemical and Excellent Water resistance.
  • Suitable for Pedestrian and Light to Medium Fork Lift Traffic.
  • Fast Drying and Overcoating. Easy to Apply. Gloss Finish.
  • The most Economic floor coating for Industrial applications.
  • Extensive range of RAL & BS Colours.
Jotafloor Rapid Dry Product Information

Jotafloor Rapid Dry is an economic Industrial floor paint to decorate and seal concrete surfaces in garages, workshops and  factories. It is a single pack solution designed for workspaces subject to pedestrian and light to medium traffic. It is fast drying and hard wearing with good chemical and excellent water resistance. This coating is available in 5lt packs in a range of gloss RAL and British Standard colours .

Jotamastic 90WG

  • Heavy Duty Two Pack Epoxy Floor Coating.
  • Suitable for Heavy Traffic and Chemical spillage in Processing Plants, Showrooms, Factories and Distribution warehouse.
  • High Solids High Build Floor Coating. High Coverage Rates. Easy to Apply.
  • Extensive range of RAL & BS Colours in a Semigloss Finish.
  • An Economic Industrial Epoxy floor paint with low VOCs.
Jotafloor Rapid Dry Product Information

Jotamastic 90WG is a heavy duty two pack epoxy industrial floor paint, suitable for warehouses, factories and industrial buildings subject to heavy fork lift traffic. It is an economic extremely durable floor paint that is easy to apply with high coverage rates, excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. A high solids, low VOC , two pack epoxy paint available in 5lt and 20lt packs in an extensive range of RAL & BS Colours in a semigloss finish.


Bradite Floor-IT

  • Multi Surface Floor coating for Interior & Exterior Use.
  • Fast Drying & Overcoating for Faster Painted Floors.
  • Good Mechanical & Chemical resistance. Suitable for Light to Medium fork lift traffic.
  • Ecological Sustainable Floor coating. Low Odour , Low VOCs.
  • Extensive choice of RAL, BS & NCS Colours in a Semi Matt finish.
  • Ideal for busy Showrooms, Factories, Schools, Hospitals and Public buildings. Minimum disruption to normal operations.
Bradite Floor-IT Product Information

Bradite Floor-IT  is a fast air drying durable floor paint which is touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable in just one hour. It produces faster painted floors ideal when speed of completion is a major consideration. It can be used externally and internally, suitable for concrete, steel, wood , asphalt and previously painted surfaces. Non flammable , with low odour and low VOCs it can be applied during normal business hours with minimum disruption to  operations. It produces a hard wearing chemical and water resistant floor in hours. recommended in showrooms, garages, hospitals,  commercial buildings, food processing plants and factories. It is suitable for heavy pedestrian and medium fork lift traffic. Available in RAL Classic, NCS and British Standard colours in a semi matt finish (35%)

Bradite HD Wall & Floor

  • Two Pack Epoxy Floor Coating with Excellent Mechanical & Chemical resistance.
  • Suitable for Heavy Fork Traffic and Chemical Processing factories.
  • Ecological Sustainable Floor Coating. Low Odour, Low VOCs. Hygiene coating ideal for Hospitals, Food and Beverage processing plants.
  • Extensive choice of RAL, BS & NCS Colours in a Gloss finish.
  • Easy to Apply. Ideal for Walls & Floors as a protecting and decorative coating with minimal disruption to normal business operations.
Bradite HD Wall & Floor Product Information

 Bradite HD Wall & Floor is the most durable water based high build two pack epoxy floor coating. Recommended as a low odour floor coating in areas subject to heavy traffic and in hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals and food processing plants. It can be used on concrete, steel and wooden floors with excellent durability, chemical and water resistance. It sets hard to a tough flexible coating in a gloss finish and is available in a wide range of NCS, BS and RAL colours. For porous concrete it  may be thinned and used as the primer sealer.

Related Products

Nevada Ultra Contract Trade Matt Emulsion.

Nevada Ultra an economic natural sustainable contract trade matt emulsion for interior walls. High coverage rates, excellent opacity, low odour, low VOCs. The No 1 enviromentally compliant trade matt paint available in a range of contract colours.

Eco PowerClean

RD Eco-PowerClean is a high performance biodegradable alkaline detergent with strong degreasing power.

Jotun Penguard Clear

Penguard Clear Sealer is a fast drying two pack epoxy concrete sealer coating used for priming porous concrete surfaces prior to applying two pack epoxy floor coatings.

Fast Air Drying and Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paints. For Faster Painted Floors. Extensive choice of colour.

Cost effective flooring systems for concrete, ceramics, steel, asphalt and wood. Suitable for light and heavy traffic in warehouses, factories, showrooms, food processing plants, hospitals and a range of public buildings. High performance faster painted floors with an extensive choice of colour. Easy to apply floor coatings providing long lasting protection and improving the working environment.

The cost of application is only one factor when selecting the most suitable floor system. Speed of installation, low odour, end use and the ultimate service life  all need to be considered.

Bradite Floor-IT is a fast air drying water based floor paints, easy to apply and overcoat, with low odour and zero solvent emissions. It can be applied by brush or roller, touch dry in 30 minutes and two coats can be applied in an hour. It can be subjected to light use within 16 hours. Available for free next day delivery in an extensive range of RAL , NCS and British Standard colours. Ideal for showrooms, factories,  hospitals and  public buildings.

Bradite HD Wall & Floor is the recommended topcoat, a low odour two pack water based epoxy floor coating. It is a high durability floor paint ideal for heavy traffic and hygiene sensitive areas in food processing plants, schools and hospitals. For porous concrete it may be thinned and used as the primer sealer prior to applying a full coat. It can be colour matched to a wide range of RAL and British Standard colours.

Jotafloor Rapid Dry a fast drying economic  floor paint with a gloss finish. Ideal for garages, workshops and factories.

Jotamastic 90 WG is a surface tolerant two pack epoxy system which may be applied onto aged alkyd, acrylic or two pack paints without lifting the old paint. It is a hard wearing, cost effective high build floor paint, suitable for heavy traffic.