Oriental Wallpaper

These Oriental wallpapers have been heavily influenced by traditional Japanese design and feature dramatic blooms, delicate blossoms, bamboo leaves and a stylised landscape of pine trees and clouds.

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Oriental Wallpaper

China Rose - Blue Lustre

Massingberd Blossom - Deep Blue

China Rose - French Grey Lustre

Camellia - Charcoal

Massingberd Blossom - Mineral

China Rose - Bronze

Massingberd Blossom - Pale Blue

Camellia - Smalt

Massingberd Blossom - Yellow

China Rose - Emerald Lustre

Massingberd Blossom - Verditer

Camellia - Teal

Massingberd Blossom - Grey

Belton Scenic - Pavilion

Massingberd Blossom - Oriental

Belton Scenic - Oyster

Belton Scenic - Sunbeam

China Rose - Sage