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Welcome to the Little Greene Black Colour Palette

Little Greene Black Colour Combinations

Historically dark colours would only have been used on walls in very large rooms, as a backdrop to fine artworks, tapestries and wall hangings. More recently Contemporary interior designers have embraced the same concepts for the modern home environment.

These Little Greene black tones provide a stunning backdrop to white window frames, woodwork or joinery and can easily be complimented with a flash of a brighter accent colour. For a luxurious feel, choose dark tones that are warm with either red, brown or yellow tone like Chocolate Colour or Elysian Ground. Dock Blue and Dark Brunswick Green make excellent contrasts with Black. The matching of these related undertones are the key to success when used with black in a scheme.

Alternatively, cooler blacks with Little Greene Basalt and Lamp Black have particular standout impact when applied in large modern open plan kitchens contrasting with bright silver appliances.

Little Greene blacks like Jack Black are also ideal to draw attention being totally absorbent of light, used on front doors and entrances as a bold statement.

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Jack Black

Lamp Black


Chocolate Colour

Dock Blue

Dark Brunswick Green

Elysian Ground

Invisible Green

Obsidian Green


Purple Brown

Chimney Brick

Need another colour?

Pale Lupin room little greene black Avace Limited


Jewel Beetle 303 little greene black Avace Limited


Dark Lead Colour 118 Blush 267 Gauze Dark 166 little greene black Avace Limited


Boringdon Green 295 Woad 251 1 little greene black Avace Limited


Mister David 47 little greene black Avace Limited


Baked Cherry 14 Cordoba 277 Invisible Green 56 little greene black Avace Limited

Red Pink

Stock Family 1 little greene black Avace Limited


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