Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 Marine Primer Tiecoat

A Fast Air Drying Vinyl Marine Primer Tiecoat suitable as a primer direct to Wood or as a Tiecoat on previously painted surfaces prior to application of Antifouling Systems.

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Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 Marine Primer Tiecoat

Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 a fast air drying vinyl marine primer sealer tiecoat. It is recommended as an underwater marine tiecoat to bond the antifouling system to existing painted surfaces or may be used to seal previously applied unknown coatings. It may also be used as a primer underwater on wooden vessels or as part of an air drying system for topsides overcoated with acrylic or alkyd air drying topcoats. It can be applied by spray brush or roller application is recommended for stripe coating and small areas. Care must be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness.  It is available in 5 and 20 litre tins for free delivery throughout the UK in an Aluminium matt finish.

  • A Fast Air Drying Vinyl Marine Primer for application Direct to Wood. A Tiecoat for existing painted surfaces prior to application of Seaforce Antifouling systems.
  • Certified for low Spread of Flame. Recommended for Topside, Deck and Superstructure and as a Tiecoat Underwater to bond the Antifouling System.
  • Easy to Apply. Fast Drying and Overcoating. Available in Aluminium and Aluminium Red Toned in a Matt finish. Free Delivery throughout the UK.

Technical Credentials.

Fast Air Drying Vinyl Marine Primer Tiecoat.

High Volume Solids 38%.

Matt Finish.

Dry Film Thickness 80 microns.

Theoretical Coverage 4.8 m2/lt (75 mics.)

Surface Dry 15 mins @ 23c.

Overcoat 2 hrs @ 23c.

Apply by Airless Spray, Roller or Brush.

Thinner No. 7.

VOCs 508 g/lt.

Surface Preparation.

Carbon Steel: Minimum St 2 , Recommended Abrasive blast clean to Sa 2.5. (ISO 8501-1)

Coated Surfaces: Ensure the existing coat is intact, compatible, dry and free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Download the technical data sheet for more information.

Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 is a fast air drying vinyl matt coating which can be used as a primer or intermediate coat in atmospheric and immersed environments, also as a tie coat for antifouling systems. It can be applied direct to steel and wooden hulls by Airless spray, Conventional spray or roller.

Vinyguard Silvergrey 88 is recommended for topside, deck and superstructure on steel and wood vessels. It can be used as a tie coat over sound unknown existing coatings to upgrade the system to a Jotun marine specification. Vinyguard Silver-grey can be applied up to 100 microns in a single coat by airless spray, two coats may be required to achieve the recommended DFT by roller. It is resistant to continuous temperatures of up to 60°C and 40°C in immersed sea water.

To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces should be clean, dry and free from any contamination. For carbon steel it is recommended that the surface is blast cleaned which makes it free of all visible oil, grease, dirt, dust, rust or any existing coatings.

It is heat resistant up to 60°C continuous heat in dry atmospheric environments and can resist heat of up to 40 °C continuous heat in immersed sea water environments as well as a peak heat of 50 °C.

Peak temperature duration is a max of 1 hour and the temperatures listed relate to retention of protective properties. However, aesthetic properties may suffer at these temperatures.

Depending on the actual exposure of the coating system, various primers and topcoats can be used in combination with this product. Some examples for a previous coat include epoxy and epoxy mastic. Also, some examples for a subsequent coat include alkyd, acrylic and antifouling system.

It is available in an aluminium matt finish in 5lt and 20lt containers for free delivery throughout the UK.

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