Small Print Wallpaper

They are often better to create a sense of uniformity and consistency over a larger area, and on small or narrow walls. The collection includes geometric, floral and abstract designs, so there’s sure to be one that suits your style.

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Small Print Wallpaper

Wrest Trail - Lead

Bedford Square - Acorn

Wrest Trail - Sand

Bedford Square - Ebony Gold

Richmond Green - Stella

Bedford Square - Porcelain

Richmond Green - Dorcas

Great Ormond St - Parchment

Richmond Green - Revival Red

Sakura - Petal

Great Ormond St - Cappuccino

Sakura - Fawn

Wrest Trail - Shoot

Cones - Lint

Wrest Trail - Pink Plaster

Bedford Square - Hellebore

Wrest Trail - Lime Plaster

Richmond Green - Platinum

Bedford Square - Larimar

Richmond Green - Guinevere

Great Ormond St - Tropical

Richmond Green - Revival Blue

Sakura - Pomme

Great Ormond St - Stable

Sakura - Metal Lustre

Great Ormond St - Verditure

Lower George St - Comet

Lower George St - Beryl

Lower George St - Quartz

Carlton House Terrace - Slate

Lower George St - Moonstone

Sakura - Aqua Lustre

Lower George St - Carousel

Carlton House Terrace - Copper

Cones - Daybreak

Moy - Pink

Moy - Red Ochre

Carlton House Terrace - Blue Plume

Carlton House Terrace - Pompon

Moy - Lime

Moy - Ash

Moy - Pompei