Jotamastic 90WG Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Paint RAL

High Build High Solids Surface Tolerant two pack Epoxy Mastic Primer Finish. Ideal for applications when abrasive blast cleaning is not practical.

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Jotamastic 90WG Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Paint RAL

Jotamastic is a surface tolerant two pack epoxy primer finish which can be applied to mechanically prepared steel without the need for abrasive blast cleaning. It is uitable as a primer above and below the water line and can be applied to steel prepared to St 2 standard and to existing aged coatings. It is approved to Norsok system 7a and 7b  , Network Rail and the highways agency, an offshore underwater primer with excellent mechanical and water resistance .

Jotamastic 90 may be used on surfaces where abrasive blast cleaning is not practical or economic. It is recommended as a maintenance system for steel bridges providing long term protection against corrosion. It is recommended to protect metal and concrete structures underground or underwater. A high volume solids, low solvent, surface tolerant epoxy. It is recommended as an underwater primer on steel vessels and offshore steelwork in the splash zone. It can be used as a mechanical and chemical resistant floor coating on concrete. Available in a wide range of RAL and British standard colours in a semigloss finish. A wintergrade version is also available for faster drying in low temperature winter months.

RAL Classic 1000
RAL Classic 2000
RAL Classic 3000
RAL Classic 4000
RAL Classic 5000
RAL Classic 6000
RAL Classic 7000
RAL Classic 8000
RAL Classic 9000

  • Excellent Mechanical and Chemical Resistance. Recommended for Underwater, Chemical spillages and Heavy Traffic. Suitable for Steel, Concrete, and previously painted surfaces. No Abrasive Blast Cleaning required.
  • High solids Low VOC Coating for Industrial and Marine Environments. Adheres to Mechanically prepared Steel and Aged Previously painted surfaces. Suitable Above and Below the Waterline.
  • Easy to Apply. Extensive choice of RAL and BS Colours in a semigloss finish. High volume solids and high coverage rates . Delivery free to home or sites throughout the UK.

Technical Credentials

Surface Tolerant 2 Pack Epoxy

High Volume Solids 80%. High Build.

100-300 microns DFT.

Theoretical Coverage 8m2/lt (100 mics)

Surface Dry 4hrs @23c

Overcoat 3hrs @ 23c

Pot Life 2hrs @ 23c

Apply by Airless Spray , Roller or Brush.

VOCs 234g/lt

Thinner No. 17

Surface Preparation

Carbon steel: Min St2 (ISO 8501-1). Recommended Sa2 (ISO 8501-1)

Concrete: Mechanically abrade to remove loosely adhering material and laitance. Alternatively low pressure water washing to a rough , clean and laitance free surface. Moisture content at painting max 5%.

Coated Surfaces: Ensure the existing coat is intact, compatible, dry and free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Download the technical data sheet for more information.

Jotamastic 90WG is a high solids, high build, two pack surface tolerant epoxy mastic with excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. It can be applied by Airless spray, brush or Roller. Jotamastic 90WG Surface Tolerant Epoxy Floor Coating is designed for use on concrete floors when abrasive blast cleaning may not be possible. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including: properly prepared carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, concrete and a range of aged coating surfaces.

Jotamastic 90WG is available in an extensive range of RAL and British Std colours, delivered to your home or workshop in 1-2 days. Order online or if your colour is not listed simply e mail your requirements to and a member of our customer service team will respond immediately.

It is available in 2 different packaging sizes including 5 litre and 20 litre tins.

Jotamastic 90WG Epoxy Floor Coating is a two pack epoxy semigloss suitable for use as a high build epoxy floor coating on concrete floors requiring resistance to heavy fork lift traffic, chemicals and abrasion. It has fast drying and overcoating times compared to other high build epoxy systems. Jotamastic 90WG Epoxy Floor Coating is specifically formulated for low temperature applications and will cure at temperatures as low as -5c. It is resistant to continuous operating temps of 120c.

It can be applied up to 300 microns in a single coat by airless spray, two coats may be required to achieve the recommended DFT by roller.

Jotun Jotamastic 90WG an Economic High solids, High Build Epoxy Floor paint. Easy to Apply, High Coverage rates. Free Delivery

Jotamastic 90WG is a two component polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating. It is a surface tolerant, abrasion resistance, high solids, high build product. It is recommended for application onto properly prepared concrete, previously painted aged coatings and various metal surfaces in contact with the floor space such as stairways, ladders and piping. It can be applied at sub-zero surface temperatures.

Jotamastic 90WG is available in an extensive range of RAL and British Std colours in a semigloss finish, delivered to your home or workshop for free within 1-2 days. Order online or if your colour is not listed simply e mail your requirements to and a member of our customer service team will respond immediately. It is the lowest priced heavy duty epoxy floor coating with high coverage rates 5-6sq meters per litre at 150 microns dft.

It is an economic heavy duty floor coating system with high coverage rates. It can be applied by up to 300 microns in a single coat by airless spray and in excess of 100 microns by roller. It may be applied by brush for small areas, but care must be taken to achieve the recommended dry film thickness. Allow 4hrs between coats @15c, walk on dry after 8hrs @15c. It may be applied to concrete surfaces as low as -5c although drying and overcoating times will be longer under these conditions.

It is recommended for warehouses, distribution centres, garages, factories, production halls and industrial buildings with heavy forklift traffic and chemical spillages may occur. The surface to be painted should be free of oil grease and other contaminants. Loosely adhering paints should be removed back to a sound surface. Where the existing paint surface is unknown it is advisable to undertake a test patch to ensure the Jotamastic does not affect the old painted surface. For concrete floors which have experience oil spillage it is especially important to remove the oil and grease before painting by scarifying or high-pressure cleaning with detergents like Eco Powerclean. Jotamastic 90WG being solvent based may draw oil embedded in the concrete.

On porous concrete surfaces it is recommended to apply a thinned (10-20% with thinner No. 17) primer coat of Jotamastic90WG to help penetrate the concrete to seal it and provide good adhesion. Once dry apply a full unthinned coat of Jotamastic 90WG to a minimum of 125 microns dry film thickness. In the warmer months Jotamastic 90 may be used as an alternative floor coating.

It is available for Home Delivery in an extensive range of RAL & BS colours in a semigloss finish. *Some Strong Oranges & Yellows Not Available, Check with Avace Customer Service. You can find our full range of colours on our colour chart. 

For more technical information about this product check out the technical data sheet.

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