Bradite One Can MultiSurface Primer and Finish

Multisurface Primer and Finish for Metal Cladding, UPVC Windows & Doors, Exterior & Interior Walls. Ideal as sigle product solution for all your maintenance needs. East to apply available in RAL & NCS Colours. Matt & Eggshell Finish.

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Bradite One Can MultiSurface Primer and Finish

Bradite One Can is a multisurface primer finish suitable for exterior and interior use on a wide range of substrates and surfaces. A primer and finish in One product. Apply two coats of the same product for all your maintenance projects.It contains anticorrosive pigments to protect steel in heavy industrial environments and has excellent adhesion to multi surfaces including non ferrous metals, UPVC, ceramics, glass, wood, masonry and existing painted surfaces. It has excellent colour and gloss retention in an exterior environment and acts as a stain blocker on wood and plastered surfaces. This makes it the ideal solution for repainting metal cladding, UPVC windows and doors, interior and exterior walls on commercial and residential properties. It is available in a dead matt 6% finish or Eggshell 25% finish in an extensive range of RAL, NCS and British Standard Colours. It is a water based environmentally compliant primer finish, non flammable with low VOCs and low odour so can be applied during normal operations or in hygiene sensitive hospitals, schools and public buildings. Bradite One Can is fast drying, touch dry in 30 minutes and can be overcoated in one hour. Up to three coats can be applied in a single day enabling high productivity for cladding contractors and reduced site costs when maintaining existing facilities.  It can be applied by Airless spray, brush or roller on steel, aluminium, stainless and galvanised steel. Light surface rusting can be treated with Bradite Rust Converter.  It is an economic alternative to Zinsser and Kolorbond for all your maintenance requirements. On metal cladding it can be applied direct to galvanised steel, plastisol, pvdf and polyester powder coated metal sheets.

RAL Classic 1000
RAL Classic 2000
RAL Classic 3000
RAL Classic 4000
RAL Classic 5000
RAL Classic 6000
RAL Classic 7000
RAL Classic 8000
RAL Classic 9000

  • Recommended for Metal Cladding, UPVC Windows & Doors, Masonry and Previously Painted surfaces. No abrasive blast cleaning or additional primers required. Suitable for Steel, Weathered Galvanised sheets, Plastisol and previously painted Substrates.
  • Waterbased Ecological Sustainable paint. Non Flammable. Low VOC and Low Odour. Complies with the whole Green life cycle complying with Reduce, Recycle and Reuse philosophy for Metal Cladding and UPVC building products.
  • Exterior and Interior Durable. Extensive choice of RAL , BS and NCS Colours in Matt 6% or Eggshell 25% finish. Available in a range of Pack Sizes. Delivery free next working day delivery to your home or sites throughout the UK.

Environment Credential

Waterbased Primer Finish.

Low VOCs 30g/lt.

Low Odour.

No Abrasive blast cleaning

ISO 14001.

Non Flammable.

Technical Data

Exterior Durable. Good Colour & Gloss Retention.

Fast Drying 30mins & Overcoating 1Hr.

Multi Surface Primer Finish.

Anticorrosion & Stain Blocking.

High Volume Solids 41%.

Theoretical Coverage 10m2/t (40 mics).

6% Matt & 25% Eggshell Finish.

RAL, BS and NCS Colours

Surface Preparation

Cleaning by mechanical or power tools is advised when more detailed surface preparation needs to be done, such as chimneys, access ladders and bolts that could be heavily rusted. Bradite Rust Converter can be applied to treat rusting steelwork.

Metal Cladding: The surface must be clean, degreased, and free of surface contamination. High pressure water blasting is recommended to remove surface contaminants, loosely adhering paint and rust. Eco Powerclean a powerful biodegradable alkaline concentrate containing anti-flash rust additives for cleaning and preparing surfaces is recommended to aid cleaning.

UPVC: Lightly abrade the surface to create a dull finish and remove any surface extrusion products. Ensure the existing coat is intact, compatible, dry and free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Coated Surfaces: Ensure the existing coat is intact, compatible, dry and free from oil grease and other contaminants.

On porous surfaces it can be thinned up to 15% with water prior to applying two full unthinned coats.

On wood ensure the surface has a moisture content below 15%. If spraying is not practical, it can be applied by roller although you will need to apply more coats to achieve the minimum thickness required.

Download the technical data sheet for more information.

Bradite One Can Multisurface Primer Finish is the ultimate multisurface paint for exterior and interior surfaces including walls & Ceilings, Metal cladding, uPVC, brickwork, masonry, joinery and building plastics. It is a Decorative and Protective Coating available in all RAL, NCS and British Standard colours. Available in both Eggshell (25%) and Matt (6%) Finish.

It is ideal for walls & ceilings in Residential and Commercial Buildings available in an extensive range of colours. Widely specified as an exterior paint for Metal Cladding on Commercial Buildings, Warehouses and Distribution centres. It can be used to upgrade and protect uPVC windows and doors, plastic guttering and rainwater products.

Bradite One Can is a single product solution for modular buildings, masonry, metal cladding, uPVC and most building products. It provides excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces including ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastic, ceramics and wood.

It ‘Blocks & Locks’ stains, hides troublesome knots and resinous bleed on hardwoods and will lock in awkward water stains. It contains anticorrosive pigments to reduce corrosion on steel, aluminium and other metal substrates.

It is a single product solution, with no primer required, an all purpose water based environmentally compliant primer and finish. It is easy to apply by brush, roller or conventional spray. Available in a wide range of RAL, NCS and British Standard colours in 1lt, 2.5lt and 5lt packs.

Bradite One Can Multisurface Primer Finish is the only paint you need for all your exterior and interior home improvements. A Dead Matt (6%) Decorative finish with excellent adhesion on all types of interior walls & ceilings. A Washable Eggshell (25%) finish for interior & exterior joinery, UPVC and brickwork.

Recommended for painting exterior and interior walls & ceilings, metal cladding on commercial buildings, repainting uPVC windows and doors, interior & exterior joinery, masonry and brickwork. An economic alternative to Zinsser Allcoat and Kolorbond.

Adheres to plaster, plasterboard, softwoods, tantalised timber, marine & regular ply, MDF, concrete, galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel, powder coatings, UPVC, plastisol cladding, fibreglass & GRP, glass & ceramic tiles, Formica melamine, commercial ceiling tiles and existing painted surfaces.

Available in 1lt, 2.5lt and 5Lt packs for Free Delivery throughout the UK.