Selemix Direct for Commercial UPVC Windows, Doors and Metal Facades

2K Polyurethane. Direct to Metal and UPVC Window Paint. Rapid Application wet on wet. No primers required.

Extensive range of RAL Colours in all Gloss levels.
Prices include base & hardener.

Selemix Direct 7 530 Sml1
Selemix Direct 7 530 Sml2
Selemix Direct 7 530 Sml3
Selemix Direct

Selemix Direct a High Performance fast drying two pack Polyurethane for UPVC Windows & Doors. Also Ideal on Glass Splashbacks in Kitchens.

Excellent Exterior Durability & Adhesion. A Direct to Substrate Primer Finish ideal for Plastics, Aluminium, Glass and Galvanised Steel. Available as a pack including Base & Hardener.

Selemix Direct is a unique multisurface paint suitable for UPVC Windows & Doors, Rainwater products, Building plastics, aluminium, metal cladding, glass and galvanised steel.

Selemix Direct is a high performance, high build, one coat, two pack polyurethane primer finish with excellent durability, colour and gloss retention.

Selemix Direct is recommended for C5-M environments suitable for  UPVc windows and doors, glass facades, metal cladding, commercial and agricultural equipment in the most extreme environments.

Selemix Direct is a single product solution, a primer finish applied wet on wet to achieve high film builds. It can be over-coated after 15 minutes flash off between coats enabling high build finishes in the minimum of time.

Selemix Direct is a fast drying ultrasmooth finish available in 10%, 30%, 50% and 80% gloss in an extensive range of RAL and British standard colours. Available as a pack including Base and Hardener for ease of mixing. For small projects Selemix Direct may also be purchased as Base Colour only in 1lt small packs. Direct Hardener 9-070 can also be purchased seperately in 1lt and 5lt packs. Free Delivery throughout the UK.

If your colour is not listed simply  e-mail your enquiry to or contact us and our customer service team will respond immediately to your enquiry.

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All RAL Classic colours are available in a range of gloss levels 10%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 80% .


Selemix Direct a high performance, high build, one coat, two pack polyurethane primer finish which can be applied to metal cladding, building plastics and glass. Selemix Direct has excellent durability, colour and gloss retention and is recommended for C5-M aggresive environments.

It is a multipurpose primer finish recommended for commercial and agricultural equipment, metal cladding and glass splashbacks, where a one coat solution in a fast drying smooth finish is required. Available in a wide range of gloss levels and all RAL and British standard colours.

Selemix Direct is formulated to be applied as a one coat system direct onto a wide range of substrates without the need for a primer.

It is available in a wide range of gloss levels and colours with excellent colour and gloss retention. It can be applied by Airless spray, Air assisted Airless, Conventional spray, HVLP or roller.

Selemix Direct primer finish is a high build paint with good flexibility, impact resistance and adhesion, Selemix Direct Paint can be used as a primer finish direct to steel, aluminium, galvanised steel GRP, plastisol, pvdf, light alloys and previously painted surfaces.

Selemix Direct Paint is a two pack primer finish recommended for use in atmospheric environments for application over a wide variety of substrates. An additive is available to make it suitable for smooth surfaces such as glass making it an ideal coating for glass splashbacks.

It is recommended for corrosion protection in aggressive C5 M rated environments for industrial & construction equipment, agricultural equipment, cladding, containers, building products and structural steel.

It can be applied up to 100 microns dry film thickness in a single coat by airless spray, air-assisted airless, conventional or HVLP spray equipment.

It may be applied wet on wet allowing 15 mins flash off.

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Surface Preparation

Carbon Steel: Minimum St2 (ISO 8501-1)

Galvanised steel: Surface to be clean and dry abrade with Scotch Brite

Aluminium, GRP: Surface to be clean and dry, abrade with P240-320 (dry)

Painted surfaces: Surface to be clean, dry and undamaged compatible coating, free from oil grease and other contaminants. Abrade with Scotch Brite.

Technical Data

Download Datasheet

Volume Solids (ISO 3223): 40% Ready for use.
VOC Content: 390-540 g/lt dependant on gloss
Flash point (ISO 3679): 23c
Dry Film thickness: 80-100 microns
Wet Film thickness: 240-300 microns
Theoretical coverage: 4.5-3.6 sq m/lt
Mix Ratio: 4:1 (Hardener 9-070)
Pot Life 20c: 2-3 hrs
Touch Dry 20c: 1.5 hrs
Overcoat 23c: Allow 15 mins between coats
Force Dry: 45 mins @ 60c
Nozzle tip: 13-15 thou
Pressure at nozzle: 2000psi Airless, 1000psi Air Assisted Airless
Thinner: No. 1480 or 1-470 slow thinner
Technical: See Selemix full TDS for further information on mixing and application

H&S: Observe the precautionary information on the container. Refer to MSDS for full health and safety details and storage regulations.


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* prices include base & hardener

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