Graphenstone – Nevada Ultra The Number 1 Natural Trade Contract Matt Emulsion

Natural Lime Mineral Trade Contract Matt Emulsion. Easyclean Economic Breathable paint with Excellent coverage rates. Environmentally Complaint. Low Odour Ultra Low VOCs. No Microplastics.Washable Easy Clean finish recommended for Interior Walls & Ceilings on Future homes, Commercial Buildings, Hotels and Retail.

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Graphenstone – Nevada Ultra The Number 1 Natural Trade Contract Matt Emulsion

Nevada Ultra is a natural lime mineral paint for interior walls and ceilings. An easy clean, washable natural matt emulsion with a durable finish. Ideal for future home contracts, commercial buildings, hotels, retail and residential interiors. Available in a broad range of contract colours. A high solids (70%) contract matt paint based on lime minerals reinforced with graphene technology with excellent coverage (16m2/lt) and low applied costs. Ideal for overpainting dark colours to freshen up your home or office. A breathable coating suitable for use on modern and lime plasters, plasterboard,  gypsum and previously painted walls. It may be used as a primer mist coat on porous surfaces or new plaster under itself or other Graphenstone products. With only trace VOCs and no microplastics it meets high environmental standards. Special Offer on 22.5kg Brilliant white.

Environmental Credentials

  • Natural Lime Mineral Trade Contract Matt Emulsion. Easyclean Economic Breathable paint with Excellent coverage rates. Recommended for Interior Walls & Ceilings on Future homes , Commercial Buildings, Hotels and Retail.
  • Ecological Sustainable Healthy Interior Matt Emulsion. Low Carbon Footprint. No Microplastics. Trace VOCs. Low Odour. Can be used on Exterior and Interior Walls as a Mist coat overcoated with all Graphenstone Natural Paints.
  • Economic Natural Lime Mineral Trade Contract Paint. Reinforced with Graphene for increased Durability. Easy Clean Washable Matt Finish. Breathable Class 1 Finish. BS Class 0 Fire Rated. Wide Choice of Colours. Free UK Delivery.

Technical Credentials

Excellent Coverage 16m2/lt per coat

Breathable Class 1, Sd <0.14

Wet Scrub Class 1 ISO 11998

Alkaline pH 10

Volume Solids 70%

Overcoat 2-4hrs

Environmental Credentials

Natural Trade Contract Matt

Low Embodied Carbon

No Microplastics. MIT Free

Ultra Low VOCs <1g/lt

Low Odour

Surface Preparation

Suitable for lime renders, lime plaster, gypsum, modern plasters, lime plasters, brickwork and previously painted surfaces.

Absorbent substrates such as new plaster, concrete block and brick, it is recommended to apply a mist coat thinned 10-15% with water as a primer.

Remove all loosely adhering material back to a sound edge, the surface must be dry and free of surface contamination. The ambient temperature must be between 5-30c at time of application. Application may be by brush, roller or spray.

For hard surfaces, ceramics or glazed tiles prime with Four2Four adhesion promoter.

Two coats should be applied evenly. Allow 2-4 hours between coats.

Download the technical data sheet for more information.

Energy EfficientNevada Ultra is a breathable Class 1 rated coating with an SD value <0.14 a vapour open paint reducing condensation and a Class 1 Wet Scrub ISO 11998 matt finish, This natural sustainable eco-paint is recommended as an  Easy Clean finish particularly suited for walls and ceilings in large commercial and residential projects where applied costs are a critical factor. It has 98% whiteness with high opacity, high volume solids 70% and very high coverage rates 16m2/lt. It has high opacity and covers even dark colours to restore old painted surfaces. A sustainable economic contract matt emulsion with a low carbon footprint.

Nevada Ultra is building regulation Class 0 fire rated. It is a durable washable surface suitable for residential and commercial buildings. It can be applied to most surfaces including lime renders, plaster, gypsum, unpainted wallpaper, previously painted surfaces, brick, wood and tiles and prefabricated panels.

Nevada Ultra is a high solids  water based paint easy to apply by brush or roller with high coverage rates for competitive commercial contracts. Available in a brilliant white and the most popular contract colours including magnolia, ivory, pearl barley, RAL9010 and RAL9016. Also available in 24 high design colours from the Graphenstone colour range. Packed in 6kg and 15kg recyclable containers with free UK delivery. Brilliant White is also available in 22.5kg for the lowest applied costs. Pallet prices available with further discounts e mail for more information.

Low Carbon Footprint compared to other trade paints. It has high volume solids at 70% compared to leading trade paints which are typically 30%. Twice the amount of paint for around the same price. When applied as a finish coat it can be thinned up to 15% with water to reduce costs. By not transporting excess water the freight CO2 emissions reduce by 0.3kg/15kg container. Nevada Ultra can by diluted on site 20-30% and applied as a mist coat on plasterboard, dry lining, gypsum, cement render and lime plaster prior acting as a primer sealer prior to overcoating with itself or other Graphenstone Topcoats. Helping to reduce overall applied costs.

High Volume Solids (70%), with excellent Opacity and High Coverage Rates for cost effective finishing for Sustainable Buildings, Future Homes and Modular Buildings. Reinforced with Graphene for increased Durability. Breathable Class 1 Easy Clean Finish. Free UK Delivery.


Asthma FriendlyNevada Ultra is an ecological sustainable natural paint based on mineral and vegetable ingredients enhanced with Graphene for superior durability, flexibility and adhesion. A washable and Class 1 Wet Scrub ISO 11998 paint, ideal for residential and commercial buildings. It has ultra low VOCs (<0.1g/lt) and contains no microplastics, toxins or carcinogenic materials. A healthy choice when applying large volumes of paints on commercial contracts and residential buildings. It has a lower carbon footprint than other decorative paints to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

RecycleWe are committed to the environment using only natural raw materials. Products with a whole green life cycle complying with Reuse, Reduce and Recycle philosophy, guaranteeing the most efficient use of materials. Nevada Ultra may be used as a primer and as a topcoat to reduce total applied costs.


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