High Performance Exterior Durable Topcoats for the Long Term Protection and Decoration of Facilities, Residential and Commercial Buildings.
Leading Brands made in the West Midlands

High performance Exterior Durable Topcoats for the long term Decoration and Protection of Facilities, Residential & Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Factories and Industrial Equipment.

Graphenstone Air Purification Paints, natural breathable coatings which absorb airbourne toxins for application to interior and exterior lime rendered walls on residential and commercial property.

Fast air drying Ultra Topcoat and Pilot II enamel paints easy to apply on a wide range of previously primed or existing painted surfaces.

Bradite One Can a multisurface fast air drying primer finish for UPVC , joinery, masonry and metal cladding. Available in a 6% matt or 25% eggshell finish in the full range of NCS, RAL and BS colours. Touch dry in 30 minutes overcoatable in an hour, ideal as an interior and exterior decorative paint for home and trade.

Selemix Direct a unique two pack polyurethane which adheres to all surfaces, used by professional painters on UPVC windows & doors and metal facades.

Demidekk exterior wood paints, 12 year performance on garden rooms, decking, fencing, windows and doors.

An extensive range of Jotun Hardtop two pack polyurethanes, marine grade paints with excellent colour and gloss retention in the most aggressive industrial and C5-M marine environments.

Single product solutions from RD Coatings unique waterbased paints. Hydrograff two pack polyurethane antigraffitti paints, Metal Unicoat fast air drying cladding paint and Monoguard a high performance protective coating for steelwork  where abrasive blasting is not practical.

All products are made in the West Midlands and delivered free throughout the UK in an extensive range of colours.

  • Air Purification Paints for lime rendered walls
  • Fast Air Drying Enamel Paints
  • Bradite One Can for UPVC, Masonry and Metal Cladding
  • Selemix Direct Multisurface Primer Finish
  • Demidekk Exterior Wood Paints
  • Jotun Hardtop Two Pack Polyurethane Marine Paints
  • Hydrograff Antigraffitti Paints
  • Metal Unicoat Cladding Paint
  • Monoguard C5-M Protection. No Blasting required

High performance  Exterior Durable Topcoats for the long term Decoration and Protection of Buildings, Commercial Warehouses, Marine Infrastructure and Industrial Equipment. Leading Brands made in the West Midlands.

Delivered Free throughout the UK.

Used for  the long term decoration and protection of Buildings, Commercial Warehouses , Industrial and Marine infrastructure including boats.

Selemix and Hardtop acrylics  and polyurethanes. Excellent colour retention, durability and mechanical resistance in an extensive range of colours and gloss levels.

Easy to apply fast air drying Pioner and Pilot topcoats for ease of maintenance.

Graphenstone Air Purifying Paints , ecological and sustainable paints for residential and commercial property including exterior lime rendered walls and Heritage restoration projects.

Bradite One Can multisurface primer finish for the maintenance of upvc windows and doors, metal cladding, building plastics and brickwork.

RD Coatings Single Coating Solutions, ecological and sustainable Waterproofing and Antigraffitti paints for the repair and repainting of Metal Roofs, Facades and Cladding.

Made in the West Midlands and delivered free throughout the UK.