Marine Paints

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Jotun high performance marine paints for steel, GRP, wood and aluminium vessels.

Easy to apply topcoats with excellent durability, colour and gloss retention. Jotamastic 87 and Jotamastic 90 surface tolerant primers providing long term protection above and below the waterline on steel hulls without the need for abrasive blast cleaning. Penguard HB and Penguard Primer epoxy primers for aluminium and GRP vessels above and below the water line. Vinyguard Silvergrey sealer tiecoat to bond the Seaforce antifouling to the anticorrosion system of choice, or as a primer for wooden vessels. Hardtop two pack acrylics and polyurethanes for excellent durability, colour and gloss retention for topsides and superstructures. Pilot II and Pioner Topcoat for ease of application by brush or roller on topsides. Teamac bituminous finish or Jotamastic 90 black for waterproofing of hulls when abrasive blast cleaning may not be practical.