Metal Unicoat direct to Metal Cladding Paint. No primers required.

Easy to apply direct onto Galvanised sheet, Plastisol and PVF2.

Extensive choice of RAL and NCS colours in a smooth matt finish. Delivery next day.

Metal Unicoat Sml2
Metal Unicoat Sml1
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Metal Unicoat Ral Classic

A Fast Air Drying surface tolerant primer finish for Metal Cladding and Facades. Suitable for Galvanised and Plastisol Metal Cladding.

Excellent colour retention and exterior durability for metal cladding, plastisol sheet, weathered galvanised steel, powder coated facades, cast iron and old painted surfaces.

No abrasive blast cleaning required, simply prepare the surface using high pressure water jetting to reduce site time and costs.

Metal Unicoat is an economic high performance exterior durable cladding paint for the maintenance and repainting of commercial buildings, factories, warehouses and distribution centres.

Metal Unicoat is an advanced environmentally compliant water based technology with low emissions, no fire risk and low odour. It has excellent adhesion to most substrates and protects buildings from corrosion in most industrial and urban environments.

Metal Unicoat is recommended by professional contractors and can be applied by airless spray, brush or roller. It is touch dry in two hours and can be overcoated in four hours enabling rapid maintenance to increase productivity and reduce site costs.

For more information on this product view the Technical Data Sheet.

Metal Unicoat is available in a wide range of RAL Classic and NCS colours in a matt finish (15%) for next day delivery throughout the UK.


Metal Unicoat has excellent colour retention and exterior durability for metal cladding, multisurfaces, structural steelwork and metal facades without the need for abrasive blast cleaning.

Metal Unicoat is environmentally compliant with low VOCs, no fire risks and low odour. It can be applied in occupied buildings with the minimum disruption to business activities. It is recommended as a primer finish for metal cladding, weathered galvanised steel, plastisol, pvdf, powder coated sheets on metal facades and commercial buildings.

Metal Unicoat is a fast drying single pack waterbased anticorrosion coating with good exterior durability. It can be used when abrasive blast cleaning is not practical or economically viable. It can be applied by Airless spray, brush or roller on all types of metal cladding. A single coat is recommended over previously painted surfaces for refreshing and rebranding of building structures, two coats are recommended for long term corrosion protection on exposed steel cladding.

Metal Unicoat Cladding Paint is a single pack primer finish an effective solution for the renovation of metal facades, cladding and  steel structures. It is a cost effective solution when renovating commercial buildings, factories, roofing , warehouses and distribution centres.

Metal Unicoat Cladding Paint can be applied up to 70 microns in a single coat by airless spray, two coats may be required to achieve the recommended DFT by brush or roller. It is touch dry in two hours and can be overcoated in four hours for rapid maintenance. A dry film thickness of 180 microns should be applied for the optimum performance in industrial locations. It is resistant to continuous temperatures of up to 80°C

Metal Unicoat is available in an extensive range of RAL Classic and NCS colours in a matt (15%) finish for next day delivery throughout the UK in 5lt and 20lt containers. Colours can be selected from a user friendly range of online colour palettes.

Metal Unicoat is recommended by professional painting contractors where wide choice of colour, ease of application, applied costs  and speed of installation are critical factors to securing a maintenance contract.

AVACE is a leading manufacturer of protective coatings for residential and commercial properties. Environmentally compliant coatings to protect metals, concrete, wood , upvc and plastics. Steelmaster Intumescent paints for fire protection of structural steel. Low odour water based Bradite paints for concrete flooring. High performance exterior durable water based paints for UPVC windows & doors metal cladding and walls. Hydrograff Antigraffitti paints for concrete and metal facades. Elastometal waterproofing paints for metal roofs and Elastoflex anticarbonation coatings for concrete structures. Demidekk Ultimate for long term protection of wood buildings.

Surface Preparation

Carbon Steel: Minimum St2 (ISO 8501-1), no abrasive blast cleaning required.

Galvanised steel: Surface to be clean and dry with a rough dull surface

Aluminium: Surface to be clean and dry, abrade with non metallic abrasives or pads

Painted surfaces: Surface to be clean, dry and undamaged compatible coating, free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Technical Data

Download Datasheet

Volume Solids (ISO 3223): 47%

VOC Content: 60 g/lt

Flash point (ISO 3679): Non Flammable

Dry Film thickness: 70 microns

Wet Film thickness: 150 microns

Theoretical coverage: 6.7 sq m/lt

Touch Dry 23c: 2 hrs

Overcoat 23c: 4 hrs

Nozzle tip: 13-15 thou

Pressure at nozzle: 2100psi, 34psi (HVLP or Pressure pot)

Thinner: Water for airless spray only (3%)


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