Jotun Jotacote Universal Marine Fast Drying Epoxy Primer


Jotun Jotacote Universal a high build, high solids fast drying two pack epoxy primer

Jotacote Universal has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. Recommended for use on steel hulls and water ballast tanks. Suitable for use above and below the waterline or as a primer in a multicoat system for C5-M environments.


Jotacote Universal is a fast drying two pack, high solids, high build, epoxy primer with excellent abrasion resistance. It can be applied by Airless spray or Roller. Jotacote Universal Primer may be used above and below the water line and in ballast tanks. It may be applied onto hand prepared surfaces to St2 when abrasive blast cleaning is not possible.

Jotacote Universal is a two pack epoxy semigloss suitable for use in atmospheric and immersed environments as a primer or intermediate coat in a multicoat system. It can be applied direct to carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, concrete and shop primed steel. Jotacote Universal Primer is recommended for offshore environments, new construction,  marine hulls, topside and superstructures. It can be applied up to 300 microns in a single coat by airless spray, two coats may be required to achieve the recommended DFT by roller.

Surface Preparation

Carbon Steel:  Minimum St 2 (ISO 8501-1)
Galvanised steel:  Surface to be clean and dry with a rough dull surface
Aluminium, Stainless:  Surface to be clean and dry, abrade with non metallic abrasives or pads
Painted surfaces:  Surface to be clean, dry and undamaged compatible coating, free from oil grease and other contaminants.

Technical Data

Volume Solids (ISO 3223):  72%
VOC Content:  240 g/lt
Flash point (ISO 3679):  35c
Dry Film thickness:  75-300 microns
Wet Film thickness:  105-415 microns
Theoretical coverage:  9.6-2.4 sq m/lt
Mix Ratio:  3:1
Pot Life 23c:  90 mins
Touch Dry 23c:  2.5hrs
Overcoat 23c:  4 hrs
Nozzle tip:  17-31 thou
Pressure at nozzle:  2100psi
Thinner:  No. 17
H&S:  Observe the precautionary information on the container. Refer to MSDS for full details on health and safety and storage regulations


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