How to Renovate Your Decking or Patio

How to Renovate Your Decking or Patio

Refurbish My Decking


What type of wood is used for Decking?

The most common types of decking boards are pressure treated softwoods which are derived from confiners such as firs, pines and larch. Around 80% of timber for buildings derives from softwoods as they are economic, lighter and used in decking, patios, cladding, buildings, fencing and garden rooms. Decking boards made from softwoods are often impregnated with oils at the manufacturers to improve performance in storage.

However, installed and exposed through the winter months, this type of timber may deteriorate with mould and moss spreading across damp areas. If the wood is left untreated it will result in rotting and long-term damage.


Paints vs Stains

Paints and stains are used to protect, preserve and decorate timber but they function in different ways. The main difference between paint and stain is that paint will form a hard layer over the timber which offers protection from mechanical impact and abrasion, whereas stains are used to penetrate the wood deeply to highlight the grain, intensify the wood tones and change its appearance.

The quality of stains can vary dramatically with many cheap products on the market heavily discounted by major retailers. These are formulated to a low price, they have reduced volume solids and a higher water content, resulting in lower performance. These low-cost products quickly fade and require re-staining every year.

More effective treatments for exterior wood are available, developed in Norway for extreme conditions known as Terrace Glaze, these are water-based alkyd oils which have high penetrating and water repellent properties. They are pigmented with exterior durable pigments which help it retain its appearance for years. Agents are also added to protect against mould and algae. Terrace Glaze is the latest addition to the Demidekk range known as Demidekk Terrasslasyr which is the Norwegian translation, it requires only one coat and will not require repainting for three years. Developed in Norway to protect exterior wood on patios, decking and balconies in the most harsh of conditions.


How to Renovate Previously Stained Patios and Decks

To achieve the best results, the old stain should be removed, this is also the case if the decking has been oil impregnated. Before applying the product, make sure that the decking is clean, and any loose fibres removed. Dampen the surface with clean cold water.

Firstly, apply Demidekk Terrassfix by brush whilst keeping the surface moist for 15-20 minutes, apply more Terrassfix if required. Then scrub lightly along the grain, taking care not to damage the surface. After 20 minutes, rinse the surface thoroughly with water which should remove the old stain without the need for high pressure jetting. If residues of old stain remain, remove by repeating the process. Care should be taken around flower beds and shrubbery as this product is based on sodium hydroxide.

Applying Demidekk TerrassfixOnce the decking is dry, apply Demidekk Terrasslasyr along the length of each board, following the grain. Avoid surplus glaze on the surface, this should be brushed out until it penetrates the wooden surface. The glaze will penetrate the decking and only form a light film on the surface. Wipe away any excess by using a lint cloth. Cut edges are more absorbent, so 2 coats can be applied in these areas for extra protection.

Demidekk Terrasslasyr is touch dry within 3 hours and walk on dry in 8 hours. Your patios, balconies and decking will retain its appearance for three years and will not require repainting, saving time and money.


Beautiful Patio Colour Schemes

With Demidekk Terrasslasyr, you can be certain to find the most beautiful terrace glaze colours that will transform the appearance and vibe of your outdoor spaces.


Warm Summer Days

Grey Black TerraceThe colour of the floor provides the best starting point for creating a personal atmosphere for your patio. Warm, dark colours are well suited for a patio, a colour like Grey-Black will create a deep contrast and a warm surrounding. Combine this with Terrace Grey to give create a natural contrast with the feel of stone and rockery.


Terrace: Jotun Grey Black (90002)




Natural Mood

Natural Silver Grey TerraceNatural shades give patios a subdued style and natural atmosphere. The Terrace Glaze colours Natural Grey and Natural Silver Grey give floors, pergolas and built-in seating a natural, grey look that stands the test of time.


Terrace: Jotun Natural Silver Grey (90029)

Wall: Jotun Villa White (1105)


Golden Glow

Exotic Wood TerraceGolden tones on the patio creates a completely different glow and warmth. The combination of colours, plants and furniture help create the right mood. Nordic Wood is perfect for soft oases and Exotic Wood helps create an exotic holiday atmosphere.


Terrace: Jotun Exotic Wood (9052)




Contact AVACE to learn more on the wide range of colours available and the best products for your exterior wood.


What is the Best Paint for Exterior Windows & Doors?

Demidekk Infinity Details is the best exterior wood paint for windows and doors, it is a self-cleaning paint that is rain resistant within one hour. With the constant risk of showers in the UK, it’s important to complete your project in the shortest possible time to avoid water spotting.

Demidekk Infinity has excellent exterior durability and abrasion resistance. It is ideal for use in areas subject to mechanical damage like doors and wood patio furniture. It has excellent colour and gloss retention for 12 years. It also contains film conserving agents that resist against mould and black fungal growth caused by condensation.

Demidekk Infinity is available in a high design semi-matt finish (40-50%) in an extensive range of RAL Classic, British Standard & NCS colours. Available in 1lt or 3lt packs for free next day delivery direct to your home.


What is the Best Paint for Cladding Boards, Fences and Garden Rooms?

Demidekk Ultimate is a fast-drying water-based paint perfect for protecting exterior wood used on buildings, fences and garden rooms, where exterior durability and colour retention is critical to enhance the value of your home and reduce the costs of maintenance. It will protect exterior wood for 12 years, with a combination of high-quality binders and weather resistant pigments that protects wood from intense UV and high humidity. It also contains an effective film conserving agent that counteracts mould and fungal growth common in humid climates. With our climate becoming more extreme, it is increasingly important to use the best available exterior wood paints when protecting your home or building. Developed in Norway manufactured in the UK.

This coating has a rich consistency that is easy to apply by brush or roller and can be applied directly to the wood. Apply 2-3 coats for ultimate protection.

Demidekk Ultimate is available in a high design matt finish (20-30%) in an extensive range of RAL Classic, British Standard and NCS colours in either a 3lt or 10lt recyclable container. Buy Online from over 2500 colours, delivered free next day straight to your home.

Where increased water resistance is required VISIR may be used as a stabilizing primer, applied direct to wood as a thin protective layer, it penetrates the grain of the wood for added protection. Care should be taken to remove any excess VISIR from the surface, brushing it into the wood before overcoating with Demidekk.


Inspirational Colours

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