How Painting Decking Can Help Create a Unique Garden Space in 2021

Painting Decking Unique Garden Space

What are the most common types of decking boards?

Decking boards can be made of natural timber, composite boards, PVC or aluminium. Composite boards are a mixture of recycled plastic and wood dust molded together. PVC decking contains no wood dust, it is 100% synthetic and much lighter than the composite counterpart. Composite boards and PVC are three to four times more expensive than pressure treated woods. There are drawbacks, colour ranges are limited with both products, trends change quickly in the home garden sector and repainting plastics is extremely challenging due to a lack of adhesion when subject to mechanic wear. All factors that need consideration.

Aluminium is increasing in popularity for balconies in high rise accommodation. Compliance with fire regulations and the light weight nature of aluminium is a major benefit for the construction industry. AVACE is a leader in the manufacture of antislip fire resistant polyester powder coatings for the aluminium decking market. These specialist coatings are available in a wide range of colours and applied during the manufacturing process.

The most common type of decking boards are pressure treated softwoods derived from conifers such as firs, pines and larch. Around 80% of timber derives from softwoods, they are economic, lighter and used in decking, buildings, cladding, fencing and sheds. However exposed to the elements they are more prone to fungal growth and require greater protection. Hardwoods such as Yellow Balau come from deciduous trees which are slower growing and usually denser in terms of their compactness. They are significantly more hard wearing than softwoods, as a result they are three to four times the price. Hardwoods produce excellent decking with a natural appearance for beautiful garden spaces.

What is the difference between paint vs stain?

A stain penetrates wood deeply to highlight the grain, intensify wood tones and change appearance. Some contain preservatives such as anti-fungal agents and UV stabilisers. They generally quickly fade and require re-staining. Without regular re-staining the substrate will discolour, lose strength, absorb moisture, blacken due to fungal growth, crack, warp then rot.  Degradation is far too common with this process

Unlike stain, paint such as Demidekk Ultimate protects the timber from the elements forming a hard layer over the surface, offering protection from mechanical impact and abrasion. Demidekk  also provides long term weather resistance, excellent colour and gloss retention when exposed to sunlight. Jotun Demidekk Ultimate will protect decking and fencing for up to 12 years and suppress mould and fungal growth. It can be applied over sound existing stained wood.

How do I prepare the deck prior to painting?

High pressure water jetting is recommended for cleaning old decking removing dirt, mould and loosely adhering paint. Alternatively the surface can be scrubbed thoroughly using a hard bristle brush and a water soluble detergent. Should fungal growth be present the area may be treated using a 5% diluted household bleach which after 15 minutes should be rinsed thoroughly. Rinse using fresh water to remove surface contamination.

Once dry, sand down sharp edges and remove loose fibres and dust. Existing painted surfaces should be sanded to remove lose material and feathered back to a sound edge. When applying the decking paint, the wood must be free from oil grease and other contaminants. The decking must be in a dry condition below 18% moisture content. You mind find this article useful to guide you through the cleaning process

Most traditional paints will require one or two coats of primer before applying a topcoat, sufficient time must be left for drying between coats. This can delay completion of your decking project and increase costs and waste using unnecessary products. Decking paints like Jotun Demidekk Ultimate are unique in it is a single product solution. It is applied direct to exterior wood without the need for a primer, saving time and money.

How to paint decking?

Jotun Demidekk Ultimate is recommended for most exterior wood painting ventures, including decking, wood clad buildings, fencing, timber summerhouses and sheds. It provides 12 years protection to reduce regular repainting or restaining. Stir well before use and apply by brush a localised coat of the exterior wood paint into recesses and onto any cut end grains of timber.

Once dry apply one full coat of Demidekk Ultimate longitudinally along the grain of the wood.  Demidekk is fast drying touch dry in thirty minutes and a second coat can be applied within two hours.  Demidekk Ultimate contains mould preventing agents with water repellent properties. Demidekk protects the wood against decay, blackening and rotting, providing a long lasting decorative matt finish for 12 years. For more information follow the link to

What colours can I choose for home delivery to create beautiful garden spaces?

Demidekk Ultimate has the widest range of garden colours in the market, choose from over 2000 colours to create unique garden ideas. The designers at Jotun have created a unique portfolio of bespoke colours for beautiful garden spaces only available to its customers. Developed in Scandanavia to protect timber houses from the extreme climatic conditions it is available in most NCS colours in a matt finish. The Natural Colour System (NCS) originates from Scandinavia and includes 1750 unique garden colours. With demand increasing across Europe colours from the RAL Classic range are also now available for next day delivery.

For decking and fencing tonal colour schemes are popular. Combinations of light and dark tones of greys, greens and browns. Jet black is also popular. It communicates absolute clarity, sophistication and uncompromising excellence. On timber clad houses grey exterior colours paired with ice cream colours, vanilla and lemons are chic and timeless. They create a feeling of style and relaxation. Limes and greens from adjacent sections of the colour sphere work particularly well on garden furniture and summerhouses. All these colours and more are available for free next day home delivery. To learn more about the available colour palettes click here