What are Environmental Product Declarations for Paints

Graphenestone Primer Bottom

  The Importance of Environmental Product Declarations When Specifying Paints. The Construction industry is responsible for a significant proportion of the world’s Greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. However, there is a growing movement towards sustainable construction, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of buildings throughout their entire lifecycle, from the extraction of…

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Ambient Pro+ the Ultimate Air Purifying Paint.

Biosphere Top Bottom

Ambient Pro + the Ultimate Air Purifying Paint. How Does it Clean our Air? Air purifying photocatalytic paints contain a special type of pigment called titanium dioxide (TiO2) mixed with the paint base. When exposed to UV light, such as sunlight, TiO2 acts as a photocatalyst. The process begins when the TiO2 absorbs UV light…

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Which Environmental Paints for Healthier Future Homes. EPD Verified.


Which Environmental Paints for Healthier Future Homes. EPD Verified. What is EPD Verification? EPD stands for an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) it is a transparent and verified document that provides information about the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle. It is based on an assessment of various factors, including raw material extraction, manufacturing…

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How to Improve Environmental Performance on Buildings

Bradite One Can Exterior Paint

How to Improve Environmental Performance on Commercial and Residential Buildings? One example is in the field of paints and coatings. Most reputable paint manufacturers publish the details of the contents of their paint. These can be found in a report known as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This is an independently verified document that states…

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AVACE Invests in Clean Air Paints to reduce your CO2 Emissions

Co2 Emissions

AVACE Invests in Clean Air Paints to reduce your CO2 Emissions Clean air is more important than ever as the latest climate change report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) in April 2022 reports that in the period 2010-2019 the average annual global greenhouse gas emissions were at the highest levels in…

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Child safe paint: Improve air quality and prevent damp and mould

GrafClean wipeable paint for kids bedroom

Why children’s rooms are at risk from pollution and chemicals Remarkedly, we spend one third of our lives in our bedrooms , a living space that can have the worst air quality of any room in our homes. Unknowingly, the bedroom can be full of allergens, dust mites, scents, and chemicals- all of which can…

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2 new office paints for dealing with city air quality

Air purifying paint for your business

Pave the way for sustainable business practices and an improved working environment and cleaner air. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is between two and five times worse than outdoor air ,there are many sources of pollution, especially in working environments where multiple people share the same space. Air purity is 2 to 5 times worse indoors than outdoors…

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Setting the right tone: eliciting emotions using smart colour combinations

Paint Brush with beige colour swatch

There is a great deal of psychology related to colour combinations and their effects of our mood. Shades within in the red area of the spectrum are known as warm tones, and include reds, yellows and oranges. They can evoke feelings of warmth and wellbeing. Red has the longest wavelength it is a powerful colour with the characteristic of appearing nearer, demanding attention.

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How to select your paint colours: premium paints, 96 artisan colours

208040347 310930017417511 2850284847163335697 N

The colour palettes have been carefully selected by interior designers and colour experts to create a timeless luxurious paint collection, designed to look beautiful in both traditional and modern homes. Based on natural lime ingredients reinforced with graphene for enhanced flexibility and durability our paints are truly premium paint quality. Choosing an appropriate colour palette for your home can be a daunting task…

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